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tv   CBS 5 News  CBS  August 25, 2012 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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8 tuck of war between apple and sun as a. what consumers could be the biggest loser on the next court date. and the new memorial stadium for these californian golden bears, the new features making it family on game days. if fire forces in east bay family to evacuate their home. lisa washington is outside the word home right now with the latest good morning. the home is on revers avenue.
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firefighters still on the scene here. the battalion chief says the fires started in the garage of the home and spread to the attic. you can see just some of the smoke there from the fire as we are working. the fire happened just after 530 this morning. they were able to get out and less than 20 minutes. we understand that there were not any injuries, though one person had a small cut on their hand. the battalion chief one on to say that he does not know if the home had smoke detectors. there were actually three people inside the house, one and the front yard. when a fire engine first arrived they went inside and pulled up three additional people.
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the good news again is that there were no injuries and no problems in putting out this fire we were asking the battalion chief the eat amount for the damages caused today and he said that will be determined at a later date. has the family fairing this morning? i spoke with a family lead to live there. they were shocked parad. of with the dog will be found alive. samsung is claiming that
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apple rebuffed their innovation. jurors found that samsung is using apple devices illegally. they're just going to get pulled from retailers. the companies will be back in court september 10th. the samsung items will be no longer made available for sale. they highlighted the gunman. until the man pulls out a gun in point setback police. police did shoot and kill 52 year-old jeffrey johnson.
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during the downsizing of the company years ago johnson was laid off. he produced a weapon and fired. new at least 24 people were dead after an oil explosion happened in venezuela. the oil refinery spokesman says national guard troops are now being deployed with firefighters. in florida tropical storm rise eight games strength. it is it is expected to grow into a hurricane tomorrow.
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organizers of next week's republican convention are monitoring the storm parade very red cross volunteers will travel to florida this week. and they're helping to prepare for the arrival of the hurricane. donations can be made on their web sites. safety officials said pg&e has not changed its culture since the san bruno explosion parad. sanctions are being urged to be placed against pg&e. a new bill gives collective bargaining at the university of
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california and state university campuses spread the state senate approved the bill despite the fact that it would make college cost spike. cal's for furbish memorial stadium could open as planned. the reconstruction of cal's memorial stadium is nearly completed after four years of planning and construction. it is nine months ahead of the schedule. this is from away the most complex job that anyone has ever done the field is for feed lower to improve site lights. architects jetta says wait until
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you hear this the p a system was invented for this building. the son comes from small focused speakers that no where else in the country. there's one thing they cannot change we hurt standing right on top of an active earthquake faults. engineers installed shock absorbers. the engineer says the stadium is still moving that part is moving to the ride to and this part is moving to the north. it is perfectly safe. i want to be here during an earthquake. the first game is in seven days against nevada. the town of petaluma all
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fired up for game day. they are two games away from a championship title. the hits and misses for this week's america's cups cups. i will tell you if we could expect,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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to check out this video parade in nearly capsized during beat cop. the auricle team it sped into safety. fans of nearly watched the crash set up on the marina green.
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worry watching it on to doubltelevision one is right the here you could actually see the team on the boat and animal cells like you are on the boat this week the america's cup celebrated a special milestone. it turned hundred 60 years old. our reporter with the history of america's cup trophy and what's going on with the in then francisco bay the granddaddy of all cups is the america's cup. the eight america's cup started in 1851 when we victoria had
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the first very world fair. over here to the left is one of the 2 oracle boats. the only country to sail a boat was the united states for a race to abercrombie i'll ride. it was called the hundred pound cup. the value of the trophy has gone up. along with it so has the value of the boats and the investment in taking part. this competition will bring the debut of 72 ft. catamaran spirit which is said to cost millions of dollars each.
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these are going three times that speed because they are catamarans and there are much lighter so wrastled is one of two team oracle skippers. but his america's cup record is a stunning four-zero. you can raise at house all you want but if he wanted chase anyone yet to put them into real race situation. and a c 72 has a 11 crews
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tom says it's important to remember the history because the trophy almost disappeared after the first american victory. the cup itself, the silver trophy that has so many people trying to win it, as i mentioned that there's only been four countries that's ever wanted to, when they brought it back, no joke there were going to melted down and the medallions for the cruise. there was a crash out in the waters on fridays. it was forced into the crash by the other oracle boat,, their teammates. the latest on the ponder
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rosa fire right now. crews have put a dent on the massive the wild fire. it is right now at 74 percent containment. helicopters were able to stop the fire before it reached last in park. the flames have burned more than 27 bows acres. things will warm up as we go throughout our forecast throughout the rest of next week. dublin, the dry valley area, temperatures are pretty cold in the '50s. 54 degrees in santa rosa. here is brian hackney with the rest of our pinpoint forecast we are starting out with
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clouds out toward the coast line. inland will get more sunshine as usual than the bay and the coast parade things will warm up in the warm '80s inland. it's not a great beach day parade a low pressure that's in the gulf of alaska. it means more mild inlawhether inland. high pressure is well-off of northern california and as a result clouds and drizzle throughout the coast all day today. for inland it will be sunny and warm. we will to our weather in a penpoint fashion in just a minute. you could see that eclairs and
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the low clouds prospects in tonight's. so, you may want to head out to warmer climates. you combine them in writing. 100 degrees fresno. along the shoreline, kind of cool. here's how it looks if your heading to denver, is okay. we're looking at 70 degrees at hayward. east bay temperatures topping now in the low 80s. a couple degrees below average
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this time of year. up in the north bay, we will look for a forecast high of 72. 76 in san leandro. and as we look ahead temperatures bottom out on sunday. tomorrow will be the coolest the of the week. members will be in the low seventies for the rest of the bay. all in all, not too bad. have a great saturday. of petaluma, arare figures are crossed. they could've it danced all night praye.
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the season is still under way. i discussed at one of these.
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speaking of beautiful stuff up, big time excitement and petaluma for the little league. once on the brink of elimination, today they will play for the united states championship. talk about community pride. it just brings it all out big temper it right at in the open.
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the winner of that game will play in the world of championship tomorrow. a dance competition had people doing the llama and the salsa. least dancers had to be quick on their wells. they put together this event with a question, so you think you can't dance? for six weeks in the have showed 29 dancers that they can't even in wheelchairs. an opportunity to chance like anybody else and to meet people and to connect in the way that deaf allows people to connect the idea comes from a researcher at the veterans administration. the veterans with it might nolo
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it's like someone put a door there and just opened it up now they're showing at the dance studio. the professional dancers show how hot will terror dancing can get i want to show people that yes people it will sure can dance i got a lot of confidence back and i feel beautiful when i dance if you have see dancers if
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dancing can be therapeutic they would say yes. on behalf of the entire free niners organization, we are on your side and we promise that a gets better. your looking at video taped fridaby the san francisco forty- niners. it's intended to help kids dealing with bullying. tomorrow we will hear from the eat giants weighing in on the testing. these high school players
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and kids are watching and we have to set a good example in sports more of that discussion tomorrow. we will also be looking ahead to the national republican convention. that starts at 7:30 a.m. tomorrow. lance armstrong said fall from grace, and widwhy they need to study up before they get kicked out. ,,
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-what's up? i'm chris. -and i'm erik. both: we're the fruit guys! back in 1998, we had this idea to deliver fresh fruit to offices in downtown san francisco.
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we built these wooden crates, filled these with fruit in my one-bedroom apartment. the fruit guys has been with bank of america since they first started. we work with them to help them grow and succeed. we're coming up on 50 employees and delivering to thousands of companies every week. i would definitely say this is a fruitful business.
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severe weather. organizers are promising the republican convention will go on rain or shine. and how you're smart phone can help you find out who's behind all those political ads. welcome back to the weekend
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early edition. republican are planning to hold their national convention even if they get slam by tropical storm. susan, it looks like the calm before the storm it certainly is. in another beautiful day in tampa so far it and so far it is all systems go for the republican convention. they're keeping a very close eye on is sick. thousands greeted mitt romney and paul ryan has they took the stage together and ohio. they are not scheduled to be together again until thursday night when the the doors close at the republican convention.
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romney named ryan as his running meant. imates. president obama dedicated his weekly address to the topic. medicare is certainly a hot topic here in florida where senior citizens make up 60% of the population. at the convention center, every detail is being planned to keep guests save. we will have bins where you
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can just grab one and drop one off comes sutsunday, hundreds of protesters could be camped out side the convention center. the campaign didn't want any of the emergency workers there voted to a vice president if they have to deal with the storm parade and romney is going to be a part of this, what can we expect from her? and mommy was expected to give the key speech on monday. they moved her speech to tuesday.
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a new poll showing a significant number of voters have not made up their mind yet are working on it. 23 percent says of the art still persuade will. the poll was conducted by the ap and g f k. former mit students help to create the super pak hack. users learned who paid for the apps. the act is available now. cloudy weather at cape canaveral prevented launching
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of two probes. not much is known about the belts. nasa hopes to solve the mystery with this mission. cbs five reporter lisa is live at the fire to give us an update. some of the fire fighters are still on the scene and talking to family members of the home. take a look at that e video we first shocked when we are arrived on the scene. we knew were told by a battalion chief that there were four people that lived in the home. the good news is that they did not have any injuries. one person had a small cut on but her hands but it was not
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anything serious. we don't know if the home has smoke detectors. the battalion chiefs discussed the good news a set no one was injured. and said the house, it had like smoke. once the three people were evaluated and rescue to the front lawn, the crew then pulled in a attack line and went in it to attack the fire. the four people who lived there are doing well. the family dog is missing. the neighbors are trying to assist people that lived in the home. 7 toward a fronts titles
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wiped away. the war is a waste on tv and online. we have a saturday well underway in the bay area. what we're looking for is an unusual weekend. it will warm up a little on monday. we will have at the details on your forecast in,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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hundreds of bay area girls are using he their vacation to create a project. i'm very interested in
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computers at the nine year-old codes web sites for fun. i'm just having some stuff. i'm going to make some paragraphs and but i'm going to put a title on it she is learning how from volunteers. kimberly founfollowed her love of map to a major in engineering. it was isolating in some extent to not have those peers that i could really resignation it with the dow my undergraduate studies and i also faced that throughout my career.
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kimberly says woman it was very interesting before i joined the build date web page class i knew nothing about it. the 11 year-old is so good it quoting now she helps teach the young girls. with the i want to be in this kind of work when i grow up. it seems kind of fun to me. the black girls code summer program has expanded to two other cities.
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the need for building robotics, computer games and coating. i just hope to be able to show them that they are capable of what every word is that they want to do so forgiving the next generation the know-how, this award goes to kimberly. class is at black girls code is not freed but you can't request financial aid. things are going to warm up as the week progresses. a live look outside at the golden gate bridge. it is a stockton and a lot of
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fog out there today. at temperatures in the '50s. livermore 57. santa rosa at 50 degrees. here is brian hackney with what we could expect a we are starting out with some clouds out toward the shoreline. inland will get more sunshine as usual the and the bay and the coast. things will warm up to the low 80s inland. it will basically stay in the '50s and '60s out at the beaches. along the shoreline is well pressure is off and as a result we will have it resolved a today.
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but first let's look at the feature cast parade last night we had fog it pushed into the shoreline. you could see that it clears and then the low clouds prospects in tonight's. the persistent cloudiness will stick around for the next few days. 86 is the have for sacramento. along the shoreline, kind of cool. 66 at the airport today with an overnight low of 55. chicago will be partly cloudy with a forecast of 91.
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east bay with lots of sun and temperatures topping out at the low 80s. up in the north bay we will look for a forecast high of 72 and center rows of. a chilly 67 degrees iin bodega ave. temperatures bottom out on sunday parade tomorrow will be the coolest day of the week. the rest of the week, we will begin to warm up. have agreed saturday. an epic world war, has taken
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stage in san francisco. you are a handsome devil. boris is a touching story set during world war one about a boy and his horse. it will pull you in and leave be believing. the actors helped to bring it jodi to life. as actors you are told to be present, but together with the pepper to me have to be connected more than ever hear it's so intense because we can only see so much in their.
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you are listening not only three areas but also through your body and threw the little things you could see inside and out of the war spread you are listening to the other puppeteers. you are listening to the puppets itself. and then you are listening to the whole stage. they will p this their plymouth it's going to be amazing. i remember my first show here hurt in the balcony. it's really not awesome and honoring and humble and expense just to be back here on the stage. next time when you see this production you will be complete leet transfixed by joey. you'll forget that he is a
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puppet. he is the real deal. very cool. coming up, a game and a danger for lance armstrong. the fallout for his doping. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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with stock about this test.
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we've had a lot of problems that are stadium without ready fans. they're taking vans that were rejected from the stadium to take a on line test. it could be between 50 to $100. if you get a score of 70% or better than you would get a certificate and allowed back into the stadium. how would you be able to keep track of who took the test? will cut of things are zero you asking about on this test and her management and itt.
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the other big headliner was the doping scandal. what's going on with this? is just another black eye for the sport of cycling. the u.s. dumping agency says i they're stripping him of his titles. i think it's difficult for fans to wrap around it because
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he was america's sweetheart. we think it does for his fans? people are discouraged. they are disappointed. i think it's a guilt by association. guilt by the court of public opinion. whether he is guilty or not i think the fact that he came out and made the statement that enough is enough is this? to a lot of people. the boys have a game today. they're playing for the
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championship. it is a team that beat them crier. what does this do for kids? the one thing that the kids could handle is that they are brought in a world of social media. and now, the kids have handled the pressure is so well parade and the way that they talk to the media you would think these guys were professional athletes. ,,,,,,,,
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four minutes before 8:00. the fire forced people to move their home known was hurt. unfortunately the family dog is missing. one last look at our weather. it is going to be a cool one the around the bay area. we can expect to warm up on monday. dress in layers today prayed to bring a jacket especially if you are along the coast toward current temperatures are in the '50s all around the bay. on behalf of the entire 49 hours organize asian weeder on your sired and we promised that it gets better.
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san francisco's team is the first nfl team to join in the campaign against going. bullying. the niners echoing be san francisco giants, why be in the first team its lead to record a it's get better video. a drug of abuse is not allowed as it should be. kids are watching. we've got to set an example we will be looking ahead to the republican national convention. we will be here tom,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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